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These addition word problems aren't your average problems... they have a twist!


If you find your students struggle with word problems, this resource is what you're looking for...

  • Carefully written to be easy to decode (to reduce the cognitive load).

  • Hands-on component picture sort.

  • Word problems presented with words and numerals. E.g., "Tom had 10 / Tom had ten".

  • Opportunity to represent problems in multiple ways.

  • Each pack features a minimum of 20 different word problems.


What's included?

| Addition Word Problems to 20 |

  • 20 different problems.

  • Hands-on picture sort component.

  • Represent problems in equations and tens frames.

  • Option for numerals and words. E.g., "Tom had 10 / Tom had ten".



Addition to 20 | Hands-On Word Problems |

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