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Do you sometimes find Science tricky to assess? Me too! It can be hard to work out what each student is capable of, so these levelled exit tickets are here to help!


What's included?

  • Over 100 tickets covering Biological Science (2 per page).

  • Three levels of content, targeted towards Foundation to Year Two.

  • A 'levelling hack' so students don't know which level they are on!

  • How-to tips and notes.

  • Contents.


Topics covered:

  • Identifying personal needs

  • Needs vs. wants

  • Needs of living things (pets and plants)

  • Comparing needs of plants and animals

  • Match the parent and offspring

  • Label parts of the plant

  • Parts of a plant and their uses

  • Labelling features of an animal

  • Habitats

  • Habitats: land and water

  • Habitats and how they meet needs

  • Body parts and their purpose

  • Categorising living things

  • Changes since birth

  • Life cycles

  • Personal Life Stages

  • Similarities & Differences: Parent and offspring

  • Identifying commonalities between provided animals.

Biological Science Exit Tickets | F-2 | Australian Curriculum Assessment

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