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Have you heard of a sound wall? It's a great alternative to the traditional 'A-Z Word Wall'! Words are categorised by the sounds and manner of articulation, making it easier for students to read, spell and say them. If you're following a Science of Reading approach - this resource will be a game changer! And if you're just looking for a way to help your students, this sound wall is the way to go.

200+ pages includes:

  • How-to and tips.

  • Consonants.

  • Vowels.

  • Articulation posters with and without common spelling/pictures.

  • Word cards for each phoneme/grapheme match (colour coded option & with B&W background).

  • Displays and headings.

  • Visual contents guide.

  • 'Unlock the Sound' lock covers.


A detailed description of what's included:

  • Posters with phoneme, articulation, picture and common spelling.

  • Posters with just phonemes, articulation and picture prompt.

  • Mini-posters with phonemes and articulation pictures.

  • Word cards for all the provided sounds, including different spelling variations.


  • Stops: /b/, /p/, /t/, /d/, /k/, /g/.

  • Affricates: /ch/, /j/.

  • Nasals: /m/, /n/, /ng/.

  • Fricatives: /f/, /v/, /s/, /z/, /th/, /sh/, /zh/, /h/.

  • Glides: /w/, /wh/, /y/.

  • Liquids: /l/, /r/.

  • Bonus: /x/, /qu/.


  • /ē/, /ĭ/, /ā/, /ĕ/, /ī/, /ŏ/, /ă/.

  • /ŭ/, /oo/, /aw/, /ū/, /yū/ /ō/.


  • /er/, /ar/, /or/.


  • /oy/, /ow/.


  • Schwa example.


  • Sound Wall display heading.

  • Consonants display heading

  • Vowels/Vowel Valley heading.

  • Display cards: Stops, Affricates, Nasals, Fricatives, Glides, Liquids with and without picture prompts.

  • Display cards: Diphthongs, Schwa, R-Controlled.


  • Lock covers (to unlock sounds).

  • 'Voiced' or 'Unvoiced' volume cards.

  • PDF of resource.

  • PowerPoint of resource (to shuffle the pages for easy printing).



Because this resource is made by an Australian educator, it is targeted towards our accent/pronunciation. However, adaptions can be made for educators in other countries - just reach out and I'll do my best to help! Note: In the original 'Pink Blush Theme' resource, I also included the files separated into PDF categories. Due to the graphics in this resource, the size was too large for TPT. However, please reach out via and I'm happy to provide a download link.

Bright & Spotty Sound Wall with Articulation Prompts | Science of Reading | Aus

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