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Writing prompts are BACK! If you liked Set One and Two, you will love this! This pack includes 50 engaging writing prompts that students will absolutely love. Not only can they be used for classroom activities, they are also perfect for distance learning. This resource includes a whole term's worth of daily writing prompts that will engage even your most reluctant writers (tried and tested!).


Set Three's layout includes prompts on:

  • Would you rather? A much-loved favourite, students are posed with questions such as 'Would you rather work in a chocolate factory or as a toy tester?'.

  • Pick up and Write! Features a variety of story starters like 'The goblin rubs his hands together greedily. "Fantastic", he croaks. "The very last ingredient to turn us invisible is..."

  • Imagine If? Put your thinking caps on! Students use their imaginations when posed with a variety of creative situations. For example, 'Imagine you are an explorer who must cross a bubbling volcano. You can choose three things to help. What are they and how do you get across?'.

  • Interesting Inferences. Students use their inferencing skills when posed with a variety of situations. For example, "Superhero Sam has been called to the principal's office. He's covered in paint. What do you think has happened?".

  • Try a Text Type! Students are encouraged to practise a provided text type. E.g. "Gary Goblin is writing a persuasive text that says beetles are tastier than snails. Help him out!".


What's included?

  • How-to guide for use on PowerPoint, SeeSaw and Google slides.

  • Editable student sentence prompts.

  • A variety of 50 slides that work through the topics listed above.

  • Bonus: By request, a completely editable file has been included, so you can adjust them to US spelling if required (the original is in Aus/UK spelling).

  • Permission to distribute online to students and parents.


How they can be used in the classroom:

  • Display on Smartboard for students to complete orally, on mini-whiteboards or in books.

  • Print out and place in write-and-wipe sleeves (or laminate) for literacy rotations or early finishers.

  • Assign slides as images on SeeSaw or other platform for students to complete on devices.

  • Use on Google Slides. Instructions of how to do this have been provided, but Please test freebie first!).


How they can be used at home:

  • Release slides for students to download at home. They can complete the activities orally, in their books or on devices.

  • Assign slides as images on SeeSaw or other platform for students to complete on devices.

Daily Writing Prompts | Set 3 | Distance Learning Friendly

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