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This editable PowerPoint displays your Math rotations in a clear and colourful way. In a few minutes, you can set up your Math rotations for the week, or even the term! This saves you precious time; time which you can spend on the most important thing - your students!


It is designed to promote independence, with editable tables so you can colour code them to match your groups. My students now manage their own rotations as their group colours align with the displayed PowerPoint. If you also own my 'Guided Reading PowerPoint', I have included an option for 'Fruit Themed' groups to avoid confusion. This PowerPoint also includes slides with a 'Math Groups' option, where you can display student activities to reflect differentiated groups. This product also features many editable components to best suit the needs of you and your class:


- Pre-structured rotations for 2-6 groups with 2-6 rotations.

- 'Fruit Themed' groups to avoid confusion between reading and math groups.

- Editable tables so you can insert or remove groups and rotations.

- Copy and paste 'Days of the Week' labels to preserve fonts.

- 48 Images of moveable clipart with pre-filled activities.

- 25 Images of moveable clipart with editable activities.

- 'How-to guide' to make building your PowerPoint quick and easy.


Note: This PowerPoint is slightly more expensive than my Guided Reading PowerPoint. This increase in price reflects the additional slides included in this product.



Editable Build-your-own Math Rotations Powerpoint

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