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Are you teaching a split? I have combined my Year One and Pre-Primary/Foundation warm-up packs to make this MASSIVE bundle. It includes over 800 slides that are easy to edit, duplicate and shuffle to suit your students' needs. If you're looking for math warm-ups for the whole year, this is it!


Warm-ups are the perfect way to engage students in revising previous concepts and introducing new ones. This powerpoint is created with the intention to be editable, allowing you to duplicate, edit and move slides to keep your students on their toes!


If you would like to see more about how I use these slides in my classroom, you can follow me on instagram @mrschalmerscherubs.


Current concepts include:

Year 1 Number and Algebra

- Ordering & sequencing numbers.

- Representing numbers up to 100.

- Skip counting: 2's, 5's and 10's

- Mental maths: Addition & Subtraction *editable for any operation*.

- Doubling numbers.

- Counting backwards and forwards.

- What's before and after?

- Counting on basics using unifix cubes.

- Counting on using a number line.

- Reading and representing with tallies.

- Reading number words.

- Friends of 10.

- Odd and even numbers.

- Number bonds.

- Fact families.

- Part-part-whole.

- Show me the number: Various ways to represent a number.

- Ordinal number.

- Subitising: Dice and irregular patterns.

- Addition with pictures.

- Addition word problems.

- Addition 'pick your strategy'.

- Addition with a number line.

- Subtraction with pictures.

- Subtraction word problems.

- Subtraction 'pick your strategy'.

- Subtraction with a number line.

- Fractions: Identifying half of an object and half of a group.

- Number talks: Making numbers, balancing equations, numberless word problems, dot patterns.

- Reflective question prompts.

- Place value: Describing 2-digit & 3-digit numbers using MAB and pop sticks. Identifying 10's and 1's. Expanded form. Place value mats.

- Australian Money: Recognising and ordering coins / Matching coins to amounts / Shopping with coins.

- What doesn't belong?: Oral language and mathematical language development.


Pre-Primary Number and Algebra

- 'Show me a number': Drawing quantities.

- Today in numbers.

- Numeral recognition.

- Counting forward and backwards from 20.

- Counting numbers in an irregular display.

- Ordering numbers 1-20.

- Number of the day.

- Matching names to numerals (1-20)

- Counting on basics.

- Ordinal number.

- Following a number sequence.

- What comes before and after?

- Subitising: Dice & collections.

- Number words: 0-20

- Introduction to addition.

- Addition using ten frames.

- Australian Money: Recognising coins.

- Patterns: Continuing and creating patterns with shapes and manipulative.

- What doesn't belong?: Oral language and mathematical language development.

- Number: More and less than.

- Grouping and sharing.


Pre-Primary & Year One Measurement and Geometry

- Language of capacity: Recognising full, empty, half-full, half-empty.

- Language of length: Longest, shortest, shorter, longer, equal length.

- Weight: Language of weight / making comparisons between objects.

- Time: O'clock and half-past on digital and analogue clocks.

- Time: Recognising Days and Months.

- Language of location: Over, under, clock wise, anti-clockwise etc.

- 2D and 3D Shapes: Identifying shapes (standard and environmental) and describing the attributes of 3D shapes.

- Directional Language.


Pre-Primary & Year One Chance and Data

- Chance: Language of chance and identifying the likelihood of events.

- Reading and interpreting data: Completing column graphs and generating questions. Completing picture graphs.

- Making inferences about data.


*Note: Some slides may be present in other year level powerpoint as revision/extension.

Editable Foundation & Year 1 Math Warm-ups & Daily Review -Australian Curriculum

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