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This math warm-up powerpoint is aligned to the Australian Kindergarten and Pre-Primary / Foundation Curriculum and includes over 390 slides that are easy to edit, duplicate and shuffle to suit your students' needs. If you're looking for warm-ups for the whole year, this product is it!


Warm-ups are the perfect way to engage students in revising previous concepts and introducing new ones. This powerpoint is created with the intention to be editable, allowing you to duplicate, edit and move slides to keep your students on their toes! This bundle is now complete, however, please don't hesitate to contact me if you would like to request something specific.


Concepts included:

Number and Algebra

- Consolidating numbers 1-10.

- 'Show me a number': Drawing quantities.

- Numeral recognition.

- 'Today in numbers'.

- Counting forward and backwards from 20.

- Ordering numbers 1-20.

- Number of the day.

- Matching names to numerals (1-20)

- Counting on basics.

- Ordinal number.

- Following a number sequence.

- What comes before and after?

- Subitising: Dice & collections.

- Number words: 0-20

- Introduction to addition.

- Addition using ten frames.

- Australian Money: Recognising coins.

- Patterns: Continuing and creating patterns with shapes and manipulative.

- What doesn't belong?: Oral language and mathematical language development.

- Number: More and less than.

- Sharing and grouping.


Measurement and Geometry

- Language of capacity: Recognising full, empty, half-full, half-empty.

- Language of length: Longest, shortest, shorter, longer, equal length.

- Time: O'clock and half-past on analogue clocks.

- Time: Recognising Days and Months / Linking familiar events to days of the week.

- Directional language.

- Weight: Language of weight / making comparisons between objects.


Chance and Data

- Making inferences about data by answering yes/no questions.

- 2D and 3D Shapes: Identify shapes (standard and environmental)


*Note* This powerpoint includes some slides from the Year 1 warm-up pack to allow you to extend students.

Editable Kindergarten & Foundation Math Warm-Ups Australian Curriculum

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