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Like my normal Classroom Routine Slides? Then you're going to love the CHRISTMAS themed version! These classroom slides have been designed to streamline your morning routines in a fun and engaging way! They feature many editable components, such as moveable clipart and editable text, so you can create a PowerPoint schedule that best suits the needs of your class.


Over 90 slides include:


• 'Good Morning' slides (multiple designs)

• 'Good Afternoon' slides (multiple designs).

• Copy and paste days of the week.

• Copy and paste ‘to-do’ clipart.

• Daily schedule slides.

• Days at school (represent in MAB / Tallies / Numbers etc.)

• Copy and paste moveable ‘timetable’ clipart.

• Editable moveable ‘timetable’ clipart.

• Calendar slides (All months & Monday - Sunday / Sunday - Saturday).

• Weather slides (with moveable clipart & locked version).

• Word of the day (insert own word list and definitions)

• Copy and paste months of the year.

• Lesson intention slides (various options provided).

• Lesson steps slides (various options provided).

• Birthday slides.

• Classroom jobs slides (various options provided).

• What stuck with you today? Reflection prompts.

• "Elf of the Day" (student recognition slide).

• Attendance record slides (with editable names and moveable clipart).

• Generic slides to enter in any lesson content.

Editable Morning & Classroom Routine Slides | Christmas Themed |

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