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These *editable* phonics slides will be the perfect addition to any phonics program and can be used as a warm-up or daily review! The content featured aligns with the Letters and Sounds program so it will make a fantastic support resource. However, all of the text is completely editable so it can be adapted for any phonics program! *Now includes hyperlinks for easy navigation!*


This pack introduces split digraphs and more difficult spelling patterns. Through the use of a variety of editable activities, students explore more difficult concepts, including alternative pronunciations.


If you are interested in purchasing my money-saving Phonics Bundle, you can find it here: Editable Phonics Slides - The Bundle


This pack includes:

  • Focus: ay, ou, ie, ea, oy, ir, ue, aw, wh, ph, ew, oe, au, ey, a_e, e_e, i_e, o_e, u_e and alternative pronunciations.

  • Flash cards of sounds with and without pictures (exploring split digraphs and trickier phonemes).

  • Sound buttons.

  • Decodable sentences.

  • Phoneme Detectives (reading passages exploring alternative pronunciations).

  • Trash or treasure? (Identifying real and nonsense words).

  • Nonsense Words.

  • Caption prompts (applying phonological knowledge to spell unknown words).

  • How-to guides: How to use activities, change fonts quickly etc.

  • Independent activities to display on board.


Note: While the majority of the text in this product is editable, the headings remain in a locked font.

Editable Phonics PowerPoint Slides - Set Five

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