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These *editable* phonics slides will be the perfect addition to any phonics program! The content featured aligns well with the Letters and Sounds program so it will make a fantastic support resource. However, these slides include a variety of activities and concepts so they will work well with any phonics program. *Now includes hyperlinks for easy navigation!*


If you are interested in purchasing my Money-Saving Phonics Bundle for all abilities, you can find it here: Editable Phonics Slides - The Bundle


This set of over 270 slides focuses on developing phonological awareness and provides the beginning foundation to lead into further phonics instruction. The concepts explored are:

  • Environmental sounds.

  • Body percussion.

  • Rhythm and Rhyme.

  • Alliteration (beginning sounds).

  • Alliteration (final sounds).

  • Initial letter sounds (flash cards with and without pictures).

  • Segmenting and blending activities.

  • Sounding out CVC words / early spelling and reading activities.


Note: This resource features some slides that include audio. This product teaches phonics through a variety of activities, some of which use CVC words represented by pictures. Because this resource is more visual based, it does not include as many editable components as the additional phonics sets available in my bundle. There are still many 'how-to' suggestions throughout that will explain how to use the slides in multiple ways.

Editable Phonics PowerPoint Slides - Set One

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