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Warm-ups are a fantastic way to engage students, revise previous content and introduce new concepts. This bundle includes concepts aligned to the Australian Foundation and Pre-Primary Curriculum. This resource includes a range of editable features, so you can adjust them to suit your students' needs, or use the same slides in different ways. The included activities follow a rote learning style, e.g. sight words, as well as slides that can be the foundation of entire lessons.


What's included?

  • Recently updated content.

  • More 'printed fonts' for easy reading.

  • Hyperlinked contents.

  • More editable features.

  • How-to guides.


Over 600 slides focus on:


Phonics and Spelling

  • Initial sounds.

  • Sound of the day.

  • Mystery letter.

  • Digraph, trigraph and blends.

  • High-frequency words.

  • Segmenting and blending.

  • Word families.

  • Spelling (CVC/CVVC/CCVC).

  • Rhyming words.

  • Syllable identification.

  • Phoneme manipulation.

  • Trash or Treasure (identifying real/nonsense words).


Grammar and Punctuation

  • Punctuation.

  • Whole class editing.


Text Structure

  • Narratives (elements/structure).

  • Recount Writing.

  • Report Writing.

  • Procedural Text Writing.

  • Poetry Writing.



  • The original PowerPoint (pre-update) has been included as an additional file. Activities like 'Comprehension and Reading Strategies' are included in this file, but not in the updated version.



Please look at the preview carefully. Most slides have a locked font for the instructions and headings. When a slide can be used in a variety of ways, editable text has been included, so you can adjust the content.


While we are navigating this global pandemic, I am more than happy for you to adjust this resource to best suit the needs of your class.

***Tips for Distance Learning***

  • Share sections of slides with parents/students through e-mail or an online platform. E.g. release new sight word slides /grammar content / math concepts each week.

  • Export desired slides and upload as an image for students to complete on SeeSaw (or other platform).

  • Display selected slides on your computer/smartboard. Work through a normal routine, filming the warm-up for students to access online.

  • Follow me on instagram @mrschalmerscherubs for more tips or to have questions answered.

Editable Pre-Primary & Foundation English Warm-ups Australian Curriculum Aligned

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