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Warm-ups are a fantastic way to engage students, revise previous content and introduce new concepts. This bundle includes concepts aligned to the Australian Year Four curriculum and each concept features editable components so you can adjust them to suit your students' needs. This pack has slides that follow a rote learning style, e.g. identifying punctuation, and also slides that the whole class can complete on mini-whiteboards or in their books.


Note: Some slides may follow a similar structure to other year level warm-ups (such as high-frequency words), however, the content is completely different.



There are over 390 slides which include:


Grammar Warm-ups

- Using strong vocabulary.

- Up-levelling words.

- Identifying and using punctuation.

- Editing sentences.

- Connectives.

- Quotation Marks.

- Pre-fixes and Suffixes.

- Verb Tenses.

- Homophones.

- Adjectives.

- Adverbial phrases.

- Sentence activities.


Vocabulary Warm-ups

- Topic Specific words.

- Online research terms.

- Act it out.

- Word association webs.

- Shades of meaning.


Spelling Warm-ups

- Spelling Scrabble.

- Make a word.

- 'Sweet Spelling'.

- Spelling SMS.


Reading Warm-ups

- High-frequency words.

- Nonsense Words.

- Inferencing skills.

- Summarising skills.

- Predicting.

- Connecting to texts.

- Summarising texts.

- Synthesising texts.


Text Structure Warm-ups

- Narrative text structure.

- Narrative starters.

- Persuasive text structure.

- Information reports text structure.


Poetry Warm-ups

- Descriptive writing.

- Alliteration

- Similes

- Metaphors.

- Idioms.


If you would like to see more about how I use these slides in my classroom, you can follow me on instagram @mrschalmerscherubs.

Editable Year Four English Warm-ups & Daily Review Australian Curriculum Aligned

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