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Young learners love having something to show off at the end of their first day at school! These 'First Day' crowns are cute, easy to prep and also a great momento of the first day back. There are multiple versions included in this product:


- Koala: "I had a koal-ity first day in..."

- Donut: "I had a sweet first day in..."

- Sunshine: "Watch me shine in..."

Terms included: Prep, Kindergarten, Kindy, Reception, Pre-School, Foundation, Pre-Primary, Year One, Grade One, Year Two, Grade Two, Year 1/2.


Generic Crowns:

- Bee: "My first day was bee-utiful".

- Cactus: "My first day was on point".

- Kangaroo: "I jumped straight into my first day".

- Koala: "School readiness".


Editable versions are also included of: - Koala

- Donut

- Sunshine

- Kangaroo


If you have any requests, please don't hesitate to contact me @mrschalmerscherubs on instagram or through TPT.

First Day Crowns - Editable Versions Included!

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