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Looking for a quick way to tune students in, check for understanding or to conclude a lesson? These slides can be used for all of the above...even for that spare 5 minutes! Display a slide and get students to share their answer on a mini-whiteboard (or orally!). This 'Flip and Share: Time' PowerPoint also includes editable clock hands, digital clock numbers, calendars and portions of text, so you can use the slides time and time again!


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What's included?

  • 50 'Flip and Share' Time slides.

  • Editable content: clock hands, digital numerals, portions of text, calendars.

  • How-to guide.

Content covered:

  • Reading an analogue clock.

  • Reading a digital clock.

  • Reading and writing time in word format.

  • Converting between analogue and digital.

  • Time duration (e.g. days of the week, how many minutes in an hour).

  • Extension: simple elapsed time.



A note on distance learning: You can also use these resources for distance learning; share a slide over a platform such as Zoom, and get students to share their answer via webcam.

Flip and Share: Time! PowerPoint Slides | With Editable Features! |

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