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Need a quick snapshot of where your students are at? Exit tickets are for you!

Not only can these 200+ exit tickets be used for summative and diagnostic assessments, they can also be used for:

  • Check-ins.

  • Task cards.

  • 'Write the room' games.

  • Early finisher cards.

  • For those kids you're on the fence about come reporting season!


This pack of over 200 Literacy Exit Tickets is targeted towards the Australian Curriculum, but can work for other curriculums too! Where possible, multiple variations of each ticket has been provided. This is to discourage copying and allow you to use the same exit tickets multiple times, but for different students.


What's included:

  • Alliteration (identifying shared initial sounds).

  • Rhyming words (identifying in both pictorial and written format).

  • Spelling CVC, CVCC and CCVC words using picture prompts.

  • Segmenting words.

  • Phoneme manipulation (initial, medial, final and mixed).

  • Read and Draw (CVC).

  • Syllables.

  • Reading simple sentences (matching to pictures/drawing).

  • Ordering simple sentences (cut and paste / writing).

  • Writing sentences.

  • Name writing.

  • Identifying simple punctuation.

  • Using simple punctuation.

  • Sequencing events from familiar tasks.

  • Narrative features (identifying).

  • Recalling events from texts.

  • Sequencing familiar narratives.

  • Responding to narratives.

  • Non-fiction text features.

  • Comparing non-fiction texts and narratives).

  • Identifying common topics between texts.

  • ...More topics coming soon!


Important: This resource is a 'growing' resource, so is open to requests! Feel free to pop your request below using the Q&A function and I will do my best to add it with the next update. By purchasing, you will be entitled to any future updates for free... just keep an eye on your e-mails! Note: The next set of updates will most likely be in early '23, as I am having a baby in Nov '22. Please keep this in mind when purchasing :)


Foundation and Pre-Primary Literacy Exit Tickets

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