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This cute little flip book is the perfect addition to your Geography lessons! Through the provided pages, students will develop an understanding of their location and its relation to their suburb, state and country. It ties in beautifully to Year One HASS outcomes, but would also be useful in other year levels.


5-Page Flip Book Includes:

  • Prepping instructions.

  • Flipbook cover page.

  • "My Bedroom" activity page with optional furniture pictures (mapping).

  • "Home, Sweet Home" activity page with optional homes from around the world (comparing homes across the world).

  • "Me on a Map" activity page (identifying suburb, city and state). Multiple options provided: Australian map, each Australian State and Territory as well as a New Zealand map.

  • "Planet Earth" activity page with cut-and-paste labels (Identifying the equator, hemisphere and poles).


Note: This product can also be prepped in advance and sent home for students to use during distance education. This resource will also be included in my 'Year 1 HASS Geography Unit' and the bundle, so please do not double up!

Geography Flipbook Year One HASS

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