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These aren’t your average handwriting sheets! If you’re bored of traditional handwriting lessons, give these 25 'Would You Rather...?' Handwriting Prompts a go.


This teaching resource transforms the traditional handwriting lesson into a fun and engaging experience! With 25 'Would You Rather...?' Questions, even your most reluctant writers will love them.


Featuring editable* components so you can adjust them to your state font, this resource will take your handwriting instruction to the next level. Alongside the printable passages, you'll also have the option to display a corresponding PowerPoint slide to make modelling of letter formation clear and explicit.


What's Included:

25 Handwriting Prompts Slides

  • Model correct letter formation.

  • Dotted Thirds or Midlines option.

  • Editable features to change to your state font (editable components are Name/Date, Word bank words).

  • Differentiated Options: 'Success Criteria' writing checklist or 'neatest letter' prompt.


25 Handwriting Prompts Sheets (Matched with Slides)

  • Use for independent or guided practise.

  • Pair with PowerPoint slides.

  • Downloaded as a PowerPoint with editable text boxes to change to your state font.


Why You'll Love It:

  • Engages and Excites: Say goodbye to the days of uninspiring handwriting practise. These 'Would You Rather...?' responses bring a spark of excitement to your handwriting lessons.

  • Fosters Creativity: Encourage your students to express themselves while honing their penmanship skills. The "Would You Rather?" questions stimulate imaginative thinking and promote discussion. They also tie in beautifully to opinion and persuasive writing!

  • Easy Customisation: Editable text boxes allow you to add your own state font and, with the option of dotted thirds or midlines, you’ll be able to find a sheet that meets your learners’ needs.

  • Enhances Learning: This resource goes beyond penmanship. It fosters critical thinking, creativity, and communication skills in a way that standard handwriting exercises simply can't match.



The editable elements in this resource are the ‘word bank’ text boxes and the ‘name’ and ‘date’ text boxes. The prompts themselves are locked in a 'printed' font. The printable passages are provided as a PowerPoint, so you can edit the desired components before printing.



'Would You Rather?' Handwriting Printables and PowerPoint | Editable Features |

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