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This resource started with a problem...How do I teach comprehension strategies to young learners, while also using engaging and accessible texts? I struggled to find anything appropriate, so I created this! Using a scaffolded approach with the 'I do, We do, and You do' strategy, even your most reluctant readers will love them.


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Comprehension and Reading Strategy Resource (with hundreds of 5-star reviews) this Non-Fiction edition set follows the same effective structure using a mix of non-fiction passages.


What's included?

Covers 12 Comprehension Strategies:

  • Non-fiction Features

  • Prior Knowledge

  • Prediction

  • Visualising

  • Questioning

  • Connecting

  • Similarities and Differences

  • Cause and Effect

  • Making Inferences

  • Determining Importance

  • Finding Information

  • Main Idea


Non-fiction text structures:

The passages include a range of non-fiction text structures*:

  • Reports

  • Newspaper Articles

  • Diary entries

  • Recipe

  • Travel Guides

  • Letters


Each strategy includes:

  • Three different passages; I do, we do and you do.

  • Question recording sheets for each reading passage (with the printed passage so students can locate their own evidence easily).

  • Vocabulary loading slides for each passage.



  • Hyperlinked menu.

  • Two options included: slides and questions with 'I do, we do, you do' labels, and slides without (so you can use them in any order).

  • Now includes Aus/UK spelling and US spelling.


Important: These passages are not levelled reading passages. They are designed to teach comprehension strategies, not decoding skills, so the focus is purely on the strategy. Each passage will feature language that may vary in difficulty. For this reason, 'Vocabulary Loading' slides have been provided for each passage. The passages are also intended to be read with the students, however, you could also provide them to your stronger readers to read independently.


* While this resource is designed around non-fiction features, some text types (like diary entries) have adopted a ‘creative licence’, but are based on real events. This presents a great opportunity for students to research and source other text types on similar topics, comparing features and information too.


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