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Ready to change your math sessions? Want to try my best-selling number talks? Check out this Easter version!


Number talks are carefully created activities, designed to engage your students in problem-solving and critical thinking. The majority of activities feature more than one 'correct' response, so students naturally engage in a discussion to justify their answers.


What's included?

  • Number talks for the week leading up to Easter (my Number Talks for the Term include 10 topics on a 2-week cycle).

  • How-to guide for PowerPoint, SeeSaw and Google Slides.

  • Printable booklets: A4 & A5.

  • Printable cover pages.

  • PowerPoint slides.


Note: These number talks are geared towards Year 1/2 students, however, many teachers have been able to use them for both older and younger years. Due to the nature of the questions, many of them can be easily differentiated by the expectation you'd have of a student's answer.


Number Talks | Easter Themed | PowerPoint, SeeSaw & Google Slides Friendly

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