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Exit tickets are a wonderful way to assess student knowledge before, during and after a unit. In this product, you will find over 230 exit tickets that address the Australian Pre-Primary and Foundation Curriculum.


Each concept includes various exit tickets that can be printed 2 or 4 to a page. This is to ensure that you can divide exit tickets between levelled math groups, prevent copying and so you can use the same tickets multiple times but for different students.


What are people saying?

Great range of skills on tickets. Good to use for reviewing and feedback on where kids are at. Also useful for fast finishers.

— F J.

Mrs. Chalmers cherubs is the best maths curriculum I’ve ever used in my classroom. It’s well worth purchasing.

— Sarah M. 


The concepts included are:

Number and Algebra

• Counting collections to 10.

• Counting one more.

• Counting collections beyond 10.

• Counting collections in an irregular format.

• Numbers in a sequence.

• More, less or the same.

• Number formation.

• Drawing collections to 20.

• Subitising.

• Composing and decomposing numbers.

• Simple addition.

• Beginning subtraction.

• Ordinal Number.

• Grouping and sharing.

• Sorting and classifying objects.

• Continuing patterns.

• Generating patterns.

• Recognising coins.

• Mathematical Language (Colours)


Measurement and Geometry

• Recognition of 2D Shapes.

• Drawing 2D Shapes.

• Matching shapes and their names.

• Identifying 3D objects in the environment.

• Measurement: Length.

• Measurement: Weight.

• Measurement: Capacity.

• Time: Days of the week.

• Time: Length of activities.

• Time: O’clock.

• Directions.

• Positional Language.


Statistics and Probability

• Answering Yes/No questions.

• Picture Graphs.

Pre-Primary & Foundation Exit Tickets - Australian Curriculum Aligned

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