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Writing can be incredibly tricky for students, but you can lighten the load with these easy and effective writing structure mats!


They encourage students to include the elements of narratives, recounts, procedures and persuasive texts, through visual reminds and short prompts.


What's included?

  • Recount writing mat.

  • Narrative writing mat (Versions include '5 sentence story', 'Beginning / Middle / End' and 'Orientation, Complication, Resolution' wording).

  • Persuasive writing mat.

  • Procedure writing mat.

  • Report writing mat (sample structure for book report, animal report, 'famous person' report).


Note: These were designed with lower-primary in mind, however, have also worked for older year levels!


Writing Structure Mats | Recount, Procedural, Persuasive and More! |

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