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Do you get asked, "Can we use texta?" 1000 times a day? Me too! This display was designed to promote independence and help students stay organised and on track during lessons.


*NOTE: I will be doing two updates for this file, so if you have any requests for pictures/wording, please e-mail me at or on instagram @mrschalmerscherubs. You will get all future updates for free once purchasing*


How can they be used?

  • Print normal size and display on wall/whiteboard.

  • Shrink down and provide selected students with their own reminders on their desk.


What's included?

  • Display signs in Rainbow Lettering, Black Print Lettering or Coloured Background for the terms: 'What do we need today?', 'We need...', 'To get organised...', 'We can use...'.

  • 'Don't forget...' reminder prompt labels for: Ruling up, 'Your Name', Canteen Order, Assembly, Permission Slip, 'Do your best'.

  • Resource reminder labels with visual prompt for: Writing pencil, red pencil, crayons, ruler, pencil case, coloured pencils, scissors, glue, pen, eraser, sticky tape, textas, dice, highlighter, counters, sharpener, whiteboard, whiteboard marker, English book, Math book, Writing Book, Health Book, HASS Book, History Book, Geography Book, Religious Studies Book, Science Book, Workbook, Homework, Diary, Integrated Studies, Reading Book, Paper, Scrapbook, Hat, Art Shirt, Fruit, Bag, Water Bottle, Lunchbox, Money, Cloth.


  • Includes blank labels for all the subject book names, so you can insert photographs or your own pictures if you wish.

  • Includes a set of editable cards, with generic pictures (e.g. books), so you can change the heading.

  • Includes a set of completely blank cards, to create your own labels.

Resource Reminder Labels | Child Friendly Prompt Display |

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