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These 'Roll and Collect' games were designed to be classroom and distance-learning friendly! Once you've selected your game board, students move around the board collecting items to represent the featured concept. E.g., when using the syllables game, students collect a counter for each syllable in the picture they landed on. These games need minimal resources - only a dice and collectable items (such as counters, dried pasta, Lego or tally marks!).



  • A4 size to save on paper for teachers and parents.

  • 3 x Coloured Games

- Collect a phoneme.

- Collect a syllable.

- Collect a letter (spelling mostly CVC words with the occasional tricky word).

  • 3 x Black & White Games (The concepts covered above).

  • Permission to distribute games to parents.

Roll and Collect Literacy Game | Distance Learning Friendly |

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