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We've all used traditional alphabet reference materials, but have you tried a Science of Reading approach yet?


Rather than using an A-Z wall, students search for sounds based on how their mouth articulates them. Not only does this approach help reading and writing, it helps students understand spelling patterns too!


These flip charts are quick and easy to make, providing quality reference materials for the whole year. Even if you don't use a SOR approach, they are still invaluable! They can be displayed using IKEA frames or even as mini-posters in a writing centre.


What's included:

  • Science of Reading summary.

  • How-to guide with steps and pictures.

  • Option for IKEA frame display, mini-posters or flip ring display.

  • Pages with sounds and articulation prompts OR pages with sounds, articulation prompts and picture prompts.


Please note that this resource is designed by an Australian educator, so the correlation of grapheme/phonemes reflects this accent and pronunciation. However, educators from all over the world have used my SOR resources and still found them valuable.

Science of Reading Flip Charts | Mini Posters | Australian Educator Friendly |

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