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 Sometimes math calls for a paper task...but those tasks don't have to be boring!


These 'Solve and Stick' activities are so much fun and get students thinking. Students calculate the number represented by tens frames or bundles, find the answer and glue the matching puzzle piece on top! Not only do they make an engaging independent activity, these Place Value Puzzles work perfectly as math centres or early finishers too.


What's included?

With 20 puzzles that cover place value within 50 using tens frames and bundling sticks, this pack is the perfect tool to develop number sense and build proficiency with place value.


What's included?

20 Place Value Puzzles below 50.

• 3 Puzzles within 20 using tens frames.

• 3 Puzzles within 20 using bundling sticks.

• 7 Puzzles within 50 using tens frames.

• 7 Puzzles within 50 using bundling sticks.


Solve and Stick: Beginning Place Value to 50 | Bundles & Tens Frame Puzzles |

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