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Have you heard of a sound wall? It's a great alternative to the traditional 'A-Z Word Wall'! Words are categorised by the sounds and manner of articulation, making it easier for students to read, spell and say them. If you're following a Science of Reading approach - this resource will be a game changer! And if you're just looking for a way to help your students, this sound wall is the way to go.

180+ pages includes:

  • How-to and tips.

  • Consonants.

  • Vowels.

  • Articulation posters with and without common spelling/pictures.

  • Word cards for each phoneme/grapheme match.

  • Displays and headings.

  • Visual contents guide.

  • 'Unlock the Sound' lock covers.


A detailed description of what's included:

  • Posters with phoneme, articulation, picture and common spelling.

  • Posters with just phonemes, articulation and picture prompt.

  • Mini-posters with phonemes and articulation pictures.

  • Word cards for all the provided sounds, including different spelling variations.


  • Stops: /b/, /p/, /t/, /d/, /k/, /g/.

  • Affricates: /ch/, /j/.

  • Nasals: /m/, /n/, /ng/.

  • Fricatives: /f/, /v/, /s/, /z/, /th/, /sh/, /zh/, /h/.

  • Glides: /w/, /wh/, /y/.

  • Liquids: /l/, /r/.

  • Bonus: /x/, /qu/.


  • /ē/, /ĭ/, /ā/, /ĕ/, /ī/, /ŏ/, /ă/.

  • /ŭ/, /oo/, /aw/, /ū/, /yū/ /ō/.


  • /er/, /ar/, /or/.


  • /oy/, /ow/.


  • Schwa example.


  • Sound Wall bunting.

  • Consonants bunting.

  • Vowels/Vowel Valley bunting.

  • Display cards: Stops, Affricates, Nasals, Fricatives, Glides, Liquids.

  • Display cards: Diphthongs, Schwa, R-Controlled.


  • Lock covers (to unlock sounds).

  • 'Voiced' or 'Unvoiced' volume cards.

  • PDF of resource.

  • Resource divided into categorised PDFs (for easy organisation).

  • PowerPoint of resource (to shuffle the pages for easy printing).



Because this resource is made by an Australian educator, it is targeted towards our accent/pronunciation. However, adaptions have been made for educators in other countries - or just reach out and I'll do my best to help!



Sound Wall with Articulation Prompts | Science of Reading | Australian Resource

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