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Looking for statistics and graphing planning that ticks all your boxes? Look no further!


Teaching is hard enough, without spending hours creating differentiated lesson plans and activities. Not to mention the time spent planning what your early finishers can do, what assessment points to consider, or sourcing games that consolidate previous skills! With this Statistics and Data Unit, everything is done for you.


What's included?

100+ Pages of Lesson Plans and Activities

  • 6 Sequenced lesson plans (or pick and choose!).

  • Learning intentions.

  • Resource list.

  • Warm-ups, lesson steps and conclusion.

  • Suggested early finisher printable game or 'low-prep' slide option.

  • 40+ pages of activities with three levels of differentiation.

  • Observation points and optional assessment 'check-in' strips throughout.


Lesson Outline

Lesson 1: An Eye on Data! Creating pictographs.

Lesson 2: Taming the Tally. Using tally marks to record data. 

Lesson 3: Data on the Move. Collecting and representing data using a column graph. 

Lesson 4: Donuts Over Data. Representing data using two formats (pictograph and column graph).

Lesson 5: Do You Compute? Asking ‘yes/no’ questions.

Lesson 6: A Mess of Data! Collecting and presenting 

data in a chosen format.


100+ PowerPoint Slides

  • Broken into 6 lessons.

  • Includes all lesson content, including warm-ups, strategy explanations, practise slides and conclusions.

  • Early finisher 'low-prep game' suggestions.

  • Hyperlinked contents.

  • Editable features like column graphs and pictographs.

  • Editable slide templates (if you want to add in your own content).


5 Printable Games

  • 35 pages.

  • Printable covers with simplified instructions and resource list.

  • Games aligned to lesson content.

  • All games use common resources (like dice). Any spinners are provided in a printable format.


Strategies covered

  • Understanding and using tallies.

  • Collecting data.

  • Representing data using pictographs, tallies and column graphs.

  • Reviewing and interpreting data.

Note: This unit is designed as an introduction to graphing and statistics. It predominantly focuses on using pictographs and column graphs, while also exploring other options to collect data (like lists).


This resource is perfect for teachers who...

  • Would love a roadmap for delivering quality maths instruction.

  • Are changing year levels and don't know where to start.

  • Never want to worry about writing or missing relief notes!

  • ...want to cater for multiple needs in their class!



*Editable features must be edited out of slideshow mode (easy steps included).

This resource is created by an Australian educator, so is based around the Australian Curriculum (V.9). However, thousands of educators all over the world have found my resources to be easily adaptable to their classrooms! The 'eye colour' activity has been provided with a US spelling option, as it includes a class display.

Statistics & Data | Maths Unit: Lessons, PowerPoint, Activities & Games

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