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This resource is the perfect 'pick up and teach' unit that can be used any time of the year! "Stellaluna" is a beautiful story with rich vocabulary and an important message; accepting others as they are. This unit has a strong vocabulary focus, while also exploring the narrative text structure.


With "Stellaluna", everything is done for you! This three-week unit comes complete with 15 lesson plans, printable resources and activity sheets! Use a hard copy of the book or the online version to work your way through the unit. The resources provided can be used as stand-alone activities, or can be paired with the attached lesson plans. The lesson plans consist of a variety of activities, varying between 30 minutes to an hour.


As this is a book companion resource, you will need to purchase your own copy of the text.


Want this unit in a money saving bundle? Click here!


Over 60 pages include:

  • 15 detailed lesson plans.

  • Comprehension questions.

  • Low-prep, engaging activities.

  • Vocabulary cards (perfect for a word wall!).

  • Story structure pictures.

  • 'Stellaluna' display banner.


Skills covered:

  • Strong vocabulary focus.

  • Story re-tell.

  • Compare and contrast.

  • Character development.

  • Exploring points of view.

  • Synonyms.

  • Comprehension (literal, inferential and evaluative).

  • Narrative structure.

  • ...and more!


Note: This unit follows a similar structure to my other book-based units. This allows students time to develop and consolidate their skills, while applying them to a variety of texts. It also means planning for you as a teacher is minimised, as you may already be familiar with the structure of some activities. If you have not completed any of my units before - don't worry! Any of them can be used without relying on knowledge of previous units.

Stellaluna Book-Based Unit & Activities Australian Curriculum

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