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Are you looking for a way to keep your students engaged as you approach Christmas? These editable Math and English warm-ups are perfect! They feature a variety of open-ended concepts and editable content, meaning you can use them for multiple year levels and abilities.


This product is geared towards lower and middle primary, however, I have included a variety of concepts that can be extended for older students, or adjusted to suit young learners. There are lesson suggestions throughout to assist you with increasing or decreasing difficulty. A wide range of content is included so you will never have to purchase this PowerPoint again.


What's covered?


  • How-to guides.

  • Number and Place Value.

  • Sequencing numbers.

  • Skip Counting.

  • Making numbers (easy to differentiate!)

  • Addition

  • Friends of 10 & 20.

  • Telling the time in analogue and digital format.

  • Elapsed time.

  • Mental Strategies.

  • Australian money.

  • Graphing.

  • Mathematical language.

  • Applying place value and skip counting.

  • Sharing and division.



  • Christmas Anagrams.

  • Crack the code.

  • Up-levelling and editing sentences.

  • Word of the day.

  • Non-fiction writing (reports).

  • Letter writing (to Santa).

  • Persuasive writing prompts.

  • Creative writing prompts.

  • Procedural text structure.

  • Christmas around the world (report writing)


Christmas Literacy & Numeracy Warm-ups!

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