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Have limited time but still want to make a difference? This resource is for you! With a routine that takes about 10 minutes to implement, you can review content and engage your students in mathematical reasoning.


This pack of daily review slides features ten questions for every day of term, rotating through the whole scope of the Year Two Australian Curriculum. Simply display a slide and complete the questions on mini-whiteboards, in the provided booklet or orally.


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What's Included?

  • 50 slides: ten targeted questions for every day of term.

  • Printable booklet: This booklet is blank and does not include the questions, it is simply an option to record answers (or use mini-whiteboards).

  • Australian Curriculum V9 aligned content *

  • Optional: Copy and paste 10 minute timer.

  • Editable coins to adjust to your own currency*


Examples of Curriculum Content Covered

  • Recognise and order numbers.

  • Working with fractions (halves, quarters, eighths).

  • Adding and subtracting one and two digit numbers.

  • Working with additive patterns using shapes and objects.

  • Part-Part-Whole.

  • Multiplication (repeated addition, equal groups).

  • Division (equal groups, partitioning).

  • Money (adding, subtracting, transactions).

  • Measurement: length, capacity and mass.

  • Time: using calendars, identifying date.

  • Time: Recognising and reading time on an analogue and digital clock.

  • Identify and describe quarter, half, three-quarter and full turns.



Note: While this resource is designed by an Australian educator, the curriculum links closely with 'Grade Two' content internationally. The editable coins are the only editable feature in this resource.


Year Two | Today's Top Ten | Set One | Math Review: Australian Curriculum V9

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