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These math games were created after a request for a pack of my Christmas math games that can be used all year round! They follow a similar format, which means that if you use them during the year, your kids will be even more independent while playing my Christmas games!


If you're after my Christmas games, you can find them here.


Over 50 Pages include:

  • Simple, child-friendly instructions.

  • Small visual reminders of what resources are needed for each game.

  • 3 x A3 Board Games

  • 7 x A4 Board Games (with 6 styles of each game)

Concepts covered:

  • Addition (1-digit).

  • Identifying smaller and larger numbers (1, 2 or 3-digit)

  • Place Value: Working with MAB's up to 100.

  • Subtraction: 1-digit.

  • Doubling numbers.

  • Friends of 10.

  • Australian money (with coins only / with notes and coins).


Note: Because these games were requested to be modelled after my Christmas games, they follow similar concepts but with non-festive clipart.

Variety Math Games

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