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Exit tickets are a wonderful way to assess student knowledge before, during and after a unit. This product includes over 510 exit tickets that address the Australian Year Five Curriculum. However, these tickets will also cover many standards in the American and UK curriculum! Each page includes 4 various exit tickets based around a topic. This is to ensure that you can divide exit tickets between levelled math groups, prevent copying, and so you can use the same tickets multiple times but for different students.


This product includes:

  • How-to guide and explanation.

  • Contents page for easy location of concepts.

  • Exit tickets sorted into learning areas and concepts.

Number and Algebra

  • General Place Value Revision

  • Identifying Multiples

  • Identifying Factors

  • Rounding to nearest 10

  • Rounding to nearest 100

  • Rounding to nearest 1000

  • Round and Estimate

  • Adding on an open number line

  • Adding using the Split Strategy

  • Adding using Partitioning

  • Adding using the Compensation Strategy

  • Adding using an algorithm (Vertical Addition)

  • Addition: Pick your strategy

  • Subtraction on an open number line

  • Subtraction using the Split Strategy

  • Subtraction using the Compensation Strategy

  • Subtraction using an algorithm (Vertical subtraction)

  • Subtraction: Pick your strategy

  • Multiply x 10, x100 and by 1000

  • Multiplication using the Split Strategy

  • Multiplication using the Box Method

  • Multiplication using the Lattice Method

  • Multiply using an algorithm

  • Short Division (no remainders)

  • Short Division (with remainders)

  • Short Division (remainders as a decimal)

  • Short Division (remainders as a fraction

  • Compare and order fractions on a number line

  • Add fractions with the same denominator

  • Subtract fractions with the same denominator

  • Represent Percentages

  • Ordering Decimals

  • Decimals on a Number Line

  • Adding Decimals

  • Subtracting Decimals

  • Number Patterns

  • Finding Unknown Quantities

  • Financial Planning

Measurement and Geometry

  • Calculate perimeter of rectangles

  • Calculate area of regular and composite shapes

  • Understanding units of measurement

  • Convert between common units of measurement

  • 12 and 24-hour time

  • Lines of symmetry

  • Rotational symmetry

  • 3D objects

  • Grid reference systems

  • Describe routes using landmarks and directional language

  • Translations, reflections and rotations

  • Enlargement of 2D Shapes

  • Angles

  • Calculate Volume using unit cubes

  • Calculate Volume using formula

  • Capacity

  • Mass

Statistics and Probability

  • List probability of outcomes

  • Recognise that probability ranges between 0 and 1

  • Represent probabilities as fractions

  • Pose questions for numerical data

  • Collect numerical data

  • Pose questions for categorical data

  • Collect categorical data

  • Describe and interpret data

While we are navigating this global pandemic, I am more than happy for you to adjust this resource to best suit the needs of your class.

***Tips for Distance Learning***

  • Screen shot desired exit tickets, or full pages, and send to students via e-mail, SeeSaw or other platform (such as google classroom).

  • Print selected pages to form an assessment piece, if sending home a work book.

  • Provide selected pages for parents to use to help them asses their student.

  • Provide selected pages to students to focus on a particular concept (almost like an activity sheet, rather than individual tickets).

  • Follow me on instagram @mrschalmerscherubs for more tips or to have questions answered.

Year Five Math Exit Tickets - Australian Curriculum Aligned

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