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Looking for Earth and Space Science plans that engage students, inspire curiosity and take planning off your to-do list? This Earth and Space Science pack includes everything you need, from lesson plans and PowerPoint slides, through to experiments and assessment.


Through this unit, students describe daily and seasonal changes in the environment and explore how these changes affect everyday life.


|| Updated 2024||


What's included?

Earth and Space Science PowerPoint:

  • 200 + slides.

  • Vocabulary loading slides.

  • Lesson aligned slides with warm-ups, content and conclusions.

  • Hyperlinked contents.

  • Bonus templates.


12 x Detailed Lesson Plans

  • 50+ pages of activities and lessons.

  • Learning intentions.

  • Detailed steps.

  • Resource lists.

  • Activities with flexible options.

  • Assessment rubric.

  • Cover pages.


Lesson Outline

Lesson 1: Day and Night - Identifying features of day/night in the sky and landscape.

Lesson 2: Clouding Around - Identifying clouds in the sky/

Lesson 3: Rain Cloud in a Jar - Creating rain clouds in a jar.

Lesson 4: Weather Reporters - Tracking weather changes over the week.

Lesson 5: Wind Watchers - Creating wind meters.

Lesson 6: Something About Seasons - Exploring seasons.

Lesson 7: Who, What Wear! - Exploring how clothing changes.

Lesson 8: Weathering the Ride - Creating a theme park ride suitable for different weather.

Lesson 9: Let's Migrate - Exploring migrating animals (sea turtles).

Lesson 10: Helpful Hibernation - Exploring animals that hibernate (Australian Pygmy Possum and option for different animals).

Lesson 11: Staring at Seasons - Exploring how plants change and adapt using art.

Lesson 12: Show What You Know - Assessment piece.


Bonus: This unit has recently been revised and updated to align with the Australian V9 curriculum. The old unit has also been included as a separate file via Dropbox and Google Drive. Please note that some lessons have been integrated and refined from other year levels, to align with curriculum updates.


Year One Earth and Space Science - Australian Curriculum Aligned

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