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This unit includes everything you need to teach a Families: Continuity and Change unit for Year 1 HASS for the entire term! Paired with my 'Past and Present' unit, you can tick off all your History planning.


Through this unit, students explore their own families in terms of members, structure and roles. They identify and compare differences in family structures and roles today, and how these have changed or remained the same over time.


|| Updated 2024||


What's included?

Families: Continuity and Change HASS PowerPoint

• 170 + slides.

• Vocabulary loading slides.

• Lesson aligned slides with warm-ups, content and conclusions.

• Hyperlinked contents.

• Bonus templates.

10 x Detailed Lesson Plans

• 40+ pages of activities and lessons.

• Learning intentions.

• Detailed steps.

• Resource lists.

• Activities with flexible options.

• Assessment rubric.

• Cover pages.


Lesson Outline

Lesson 1: My Family in a Snap - Identifying family members. Lesson 2: Postcards from the Past - comparing our own family with one from the past.

Lesson 3: Family origins - looking at where our families originate.

Lesson 4: My Extended family - Exploring extended family members.

Lesson 5: Friends of the Family - Comparing our families with a friend’s.

Lesson 6: The Data on Families - Collecting data on the size of our families (to compare this with the past).

Lesson 7: Roles and Responsibilities - Identifying roles and responsibilities at home.

Lesson 8: Responsibilities, then and now - Comparing our responsibilities with a student from the past.

Lesson 9: Blast to the Past - Comparing our favourite things with a grandparent’s.

Lesson 10: Time Machine of Families (Assessment) - Recording knowledge of families, how they change and comparing them with a family from the past.


Bonus: This unit has recently been revised and updated to align with the Australian V9 curriculum. The old unit has also been included as a separate file. Please note that some lessons may have been integrated and refreshed from other year levels, to align with curriculum updates. The details of the V8 unit are below:


My Family & Personal History

My Family & Personal History PowerPoint:

• 80 + slides.

• Vocabulary warm-up slides

• Activity slides linked to each lesson plan.

10 x Detailed Lesson Plans:

• Includes learning intentions.

• Detailed steps.

• Resource lists.

26 Pages of Activity sheets:

Topics include:

• My Family

• Family Origins

• Extended Families

• Comparing Families

• Roles and Responsibilities

• Past & Present Family Time

• Blast to the Past (Exploring Past and Present)

• Let's Celebrate!

• Once a Year Celebrations

• Personal Timelines (Optional Assessment)



Year One HASS - My Family & Personal Histories *Australian Curriculum Aligned*

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