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This print-and-go pack includes everything you need to provide your students with two weeks of home learning! A variety of tasks have been designed to engage students in their learning, while also providing teaching notes for parents to implement. These activities have been created to be as open-ended as possible, while also using resources around the home to create an engaging and hands-on learning experience. This resource has been designed with Year One students in mind, however, it could be adapted to years below or after (with parent support).


What's included?

3 Choices of cover pages.

5 Numeracy activities.

  • Money Madness.

  • Talking About Time

  • Yum, Yum! It's Graph Time

  • Shape Detectives

  • Number of the Day

5 Literacy Activities.

  • Story Structure.

  • Noun Hunt.

  • Book Detectives.

  • Sentence Scramble.

  • Create a Comic.

  • Story Structure.

2 HASS activities.

  • Toys from the Past.

  • My Family Culture.

2 Science activities.

  • Animal Habitats.

  • Changing Ingredients.

2 STEM activities.

  • The Big, Bad House.

  • Time to Invent.

Daily writing grid.

Daily 'Out of the Box' grid.

Parent notes on each activity sheet.

Suggestions for how to extend/support on each sheet.

Year One Two-Week Learning Pack! Australian Curriculum *Distance Learning*

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