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Exit tickets are a wonderful way to assess student knowledge before, during and after a unit. In this bundle, you will find over 890 exit tickets that address the Year One and Year Two Australian Curriculum.


Each page includes 4 various exit tickets based around a topic. This is to ensure that you can divide exit tickets between levelled math groups, prevent copying and use the same tickets multiple times but for different students.


Year One Exit Tickets Include:

  • Explanation of how to use exit tickets.

  • Contents page for easy location of concepts.

  • Organised tickets into outcomes and sub-strands.

Number and Algebra

  • Identifying the smallest and largest number.

  • Odd and even numbers.

  • Ordering numbers.

  • Skip counting by 2's, 5's and 10's.

  • Continuing number patterns.

  • Creating number patterns.

  • Single-digit addition using numerals.

  • Friends of 10.

  • Counting on from a number.

  • Part-Part-Whole.

  • Numbers - What comes before and after?

  • Addition with pictures.

  • Addition with a number line.

  • Addition - Think big, count small.

  • Subtraction with pictures.

  • Subtraction with a number line.

  • Subtraction 'pick your strategy'.

  • Place value using MAB and pop sticks (identifying the value of digits, expanded form, drawing MAB.)

  • Fractions.

  • Australian Money: Matching coins and names.

Measurement & Geometry

  • Capacity (full, half-full, empty, nearly full, nearly empty).

  • Length: Measuring using informal units.

  • Weight: Estimating weight.

  • Time (Writing, reading and interpreting O'clock and half-past time in multiple formats.

  • Naming and recognising 2D shapes.

  • Naming and recognising 3D objects and their features.

  • Days of the week.

Statistics and Probability / Location & Transformation

  • Identifying the likelihood of certain events.

  • Generating questions for a survey.

  • Interpreting column and picture graphs.

  • Recording data.

  • Directional language.

  • Interpreting and giving simple directions. 


Year Two Exit Tickets include:

• How-to suggestions.

• Contents Page.

• Tickets organised into area and concept.

Number and Algebra

• Odd and even numbers.

• Identifying the smallest and largest number.

• Ordering numbers smallest to largest.

• Identifyingnumbersbeforeandafter.

• Skip counting by 2’s, 3’s, 5’s and 10’s.

• Continuing number patterns.

• Addition using an open number line.

• Addition with counting on.

• 2-digit Addition.

• Friends of 10.

• Doubling and halving numbers.

• Part-Part-Whole.

• Place Value (MAB).

• Place Value (Bundles).

• Fractions.

• Drawing and labelling arrays.

• Exploring the relationship between addition and subtraction.

• Subtraction with numerals.

• Australian money – Coins and notes (Recognising& adding small amounts).

Measurement and Geometry

• Time – O'clock (Drawing, reading and writing time).

• Time – Half-past (Drawing, reading and writing time).

• Time – ¼ past and ¼ to (Drawing, reading and writing time).

• Time – units of time.

• 3D Objects – Naming and features.

• Naming seasons and their months.

• Listing the months of the year in order.

• Reading a calendar.

• Lines of symmetry.

• Measuring length using unifix cubes and a ruler.

• Measuring volume.

• Measuring mass.

• Measuring capacity.

• Tessellations with shapes.

Statistics and Probability

• Identifying outcomes of familiar events involving chance.

• Generating questions suitable for a survey.

• Interpreting graphs (column and picture graphs).

• Completing Data.

Editable Tickets

- Blank template (enter your own question)

- Make me a number (MAB 2 & 3-digit)

Year One & Year Two Math Exit Tickets | Australian Curriculum Aligned |

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