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This pack includes everything you need to teach Year Three Chemical Science for the whole term! It includes detailed lesson plans, PowerPoint slides and warm-ups, and optional assessment. It's packed with engaging resources which are aligned to the Australian Curriculum. You can follow the unit step by step, or mix and match activities to suit your class!


Through this unit, students explore materials and how they respond to changes in temperature. They are introduced to the three states of matter, explore heat sources and also how this knowledge can be used to recycle materials. At the end of this unit, students will be able to;

  • Identify examples of solids and liquids (with an introduction to gas).

  • Make predictions as to how matter will respond to adding and removing heat.

  • Identify heat sources and ways to remove heat.

  • Explain how adding and removing heat can recycle materials.


Chemical Science

Chemical Science PowerPoint:

  • 120 + slides.

  • Vocabulary warm-up slides

  • Activity slides linked to each lesson plan.

10 x Detailed Lesson Plans:

  • Includes learning intentions.

  • Detailed steps.

  • Resource lists.

  • Hands-on experiments.

30+ Pages of Activity sheets:

Topics include:

  • What a State (Introduction to solids, liquids and gas).

  • State Shifter (Experiment: using a solid & liquid to create a gas).

  • Heating Up (Exploring how crayons respond to heat).

  • Heat or Miss? (Identifying heat sources).

  • A Spoonful of Science (Exploring how heat transfers).

  • Cool Changes (Experimenting with liquids and removing heat).

  • Super Sweet Science (Making ice cream).

  • Hot and Cold (How matter responds to adding/removing heat).

  • Round & Round (How this knowledge is applied to recycling plastics).

  • Optional Assessment: Ice, Ice Baby (Creating a product to prevent ice from melting).

Optional versions of most resources have been included, to cater to the needs of your students. Due to the nature of this topic, many activities include hands-on investigations and experiments. Where possible, options are provided for low-prep alternatives.


Note: Please check the preview carefully. The font on these slides is locked, with most of the text secured in a 'printed' font.

Year Three Chemical Science | Melting & Cooling! | Australian Curriculum

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