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Exit tickets are a wonderful way to assess student knowledge before, during and after a unit. In this resource, you will find over 500 exit tickets that address the Australian Year Three Curriculum. However, these tickets will also cover many standards in the American and UK curriculum!


Each page includes 4 various exit tickets based around a topic. This is to ensure that you can divide exit tickets between levelled math groups, prevent copying and so you can use the same tickets multiple times but for different students.


What's Included?

• Ideas of how to use.

• Contents Page.

• Tickets sorted into learning areas and concepts.


Number and Algebra

• Odd and even numbers.

• Placing numbers on a number line.

• Identifying smaller and larger numbers.

• Writing number words.

• Skip counting.

• Continuing/generating number patterns.

• Place value with MAB.

• Place value on an abacus.

• Addition on an open number line.

• Addition ‘pick your strategy’.

• Vertical addition.

• Subtraction (ones and tens).

• Subtraction (extended number facts).

• Subtraction on an open number line.

• Relating addition and subtraction.

• Multiplication (2 x, 3 x, 5 x, 10 x tables).

• Arrays.

• Relating multiplication and division.

• Fractions on a number line.

• Multiplication and Division fact families.

• Calculating change (Australian).

• Adding money (Australian).

• Counting coins and notes (Australian).

• Rounding money (Australian).


Measurement and Geometry

• 3D objects – Naming and features.

• 3D objects – Connecting to nets.

• Relating 2D shapes and 3D objects.

• Lines of symmetry.

• Time – Half-past (Drawing, reading and writing time).

• Time – ¼ past and ¼ to (Drawing, reading and writing time).

• Time to the minute (drawing, reading and writing time).

• Recording digital time.

• Understanding units of time.

• Angles - smaller/larger/ right angle

• Angles - drawing.

• Working with Length.

• Working with Mass.

• Working with Volume.

• Working with Capacity.


Statistics and Probability

• Identifying and explaining chance events.

• Generating chance events.

• Describing probability.

• Interpreting data.

• Generating survey questions.


Year Three Math Exit Tickets - Australian Curriculum Aligned

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