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Why work harder when you can work smarter? This resource will change the way you assess and write reports!


These Year Three Assessments and Rubrics are carefully designed to support you in making judgements about student achievement and they will save you time when writing report comments.


I've often found that recording student achievement for my 'at-level' kids is fine, the tricky part comes when I want to work out exactly what my support kids can do, as well as my extension students. That's why I've designed a resource that provides a range of levelled questions, carefully crafted to show progression across multiple achievement levels.


170 + Pages Include:

  • Year Three V8 and V9 Australian Curriculum Content.

  • Carefully constructed rubrics with four levels of criteria for A-D or Excellent - Developing.

  • Editable rubric option.

  • Rubric option with Australian Curriculum codes.

  • How-to guide to help you easily transfer achievements recorded on the rubric into report comments.

  • Contents with 'teacher-tips' of how to administer the assessments easily in your classroom.

  • Over 170 pages of differentiated assessments, included levelled pages (1 page per level) and '1-page assessments' (multiple levels at a glance).

  • "Teacher Hacks" to assist in recording data on assessment pages. For example, short checklists to note observations or oral achievement.


How can the assessments be used?

  • Check-ins for any time of the year.

  • Pre and Post Assessment.

  • Diagnostic Assessments.

  • Moderation and End of Semester/Year Assessments.


Assessment - Topics Covered:

160+ Pages of

Number and Algebra

  • Counting and Ordering Numbers.

  • Recognising, Writing and Representing Numbers.

  • Algorithms, Patterns and Algebra.

  • Place Value.

  • Fractions.

  • Estimating quantities.

  • Addition.

  • Subtraction.

  • Relating addition and subtraction.

  • Multiplication.

  • Division.

  • Relating multiplication and division.

  • Applying operations to financial contexts.

Measurement and Space

  • Capacity: metric units, scaled instruments.

  • Length: metric units, scaled instruments.

  • Mass: metric units, scaled instruments.

  • Time: during, clocks and relating units.

  • Objects.

  • Location & Transformation.

  • Angles.

  • Relating dollars and cents.

Statistics and Probability

  • Chance Events.

  • Collecting Data.

  • Representing and Interpreting Data.



| Bonus |

As this resource has recently been updated to align with the V9 curriculum, the V8 version is included as a bonus file. The content featured is listed below:


Assessments - Topics Covered:

Number and Algebra

  • Counting and Ordering Numbers.

  • Recognising and Representing Numbers.

  • Odd and Even Numbers.

  • Patterns and Algebra.

  • Place Value.

  • Fractions.

  • Addition.

  • Subtraction.

  • The relationship between Addition and Subtraction.

  • Multiplication (and the relationship to Division).

  • Money and Financial Mathematics.

Measurement and Geometry

  • Capacity.

  • Length.

  • Mass.

  • Time.

  • 3D Objects.

  • Location & Transformation.

  • Symmetry.

  • Angles

Statistics and Probability

  • Chance Events.

  • Collecting Data.

  • Representing and Interpreting Data.



Year Three Differentiated Math Assessments | Australian Curriculum |

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