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This pack includes everything needed to teach Year Two Biological Science for the whole term! It includes detailed lesson plans, PowerPoint slides and warm-ups, optional assessment, and engaging, low-prep resources which are aligned to the Australian Curriculum. You can follow the unit step by step, or mix and match activities to suit your class!


Through this unit, students will explore the life cycles and stages of development of themselves and other living creatures. At the end of this unit, students will be able to;

  • Explain the characteristics of living things.

  • Understand that living things have predictable stages of development.

  • Understand that living things have offspring similar to themselves.


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Biological Science

Biological Science PowerPoint:

  • 85 + slides.

  • Vocabulary warm-up slides

  • Activity slides linked to each lesson plan.

10 x Detailed Lesson Plans:

  • Includes learning intentions.

  • Detailed steps.

  • Resource lists.

38 Pages of Activity sheets:

Topics include:

  • See, Think, Wonder.

  • Me Through the Ages.

  • My Fantastic Face.

  • Same but Different.

  • Guess Who?

  • Hoppin' through life.

  • Butterfly Timelines.

  • Growth Trackers.

  • Growing up!

  • Assessment: Show what you know.

Optional versions of most resources have been included, to cater to the needs of your students.


Note: Please check the preview carefully. The font on these slides is locked, with most of the text secured in a 'printed' font.

Year Two Biological Science Australian Curriculum | Life Cycles & Living Things|

  • Please ensure that you can open zip folders before purchasing.

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