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Looking for Science plans that engage students, inspire curiosity and take planning off your to-do list? This Year Two Chemical Science unit includes everything you need, from lesson plans and PowerPoint slides, through to experiments and assessment.


Through this unit, students recognise that materials can be changed physically without changing their material composition. They explore the effect of different actions on materials including bending, twisting, stretching and breaking into smaller pieces.


|| Updated 2024||


What's included?

Chemical Science PowerPoint

  • 180 + slides.
  • Vocabulary loading slides.
  • Lesson aligned slides with warm-ups, content and conclusions.
  • Hyperlinked contents.
  • Bonus templates.


12 x Detailed Lesson Plans

  • 40+ pages of activities and lessons.
  • Learning intentions.
  • Detailed steps. 
  • Resource lists.
  • Activities with flexible options.
  • Assessment rubric.
  • Cover pages.


Lesson Outline

Lesson 1: Spin and Spy - Identifying materials in the classroom.

Lesson 2: Flying Through Science - Creating paper airplanes.

Lesson 3: A-Maze-Ing Manipulation - Manipulating play dough to create a ball run.

Lesson 4: Tug of Material - Testing strength of materials.

Lesson 5: Sailing on Straws - Creating a boat out of straws.

Lesson 6: Spaghetti Scaffolding - Experimenting with the strength of spaghetti.

Lesson 7: Property Detectives - Exploring materials and physical changes.

Lesson 8: The Art of Science - Creating artwork using paper manipulation. 

Lesson 9: Weaving Through Science - Exploring weaving throughout cultures/weaving paper bag.

Lesson 10: Seedy Paper - Reusing paper to create seed balls.

Lesson 11: Scribbled Science - Melting old crayons to create new ones.

Lesson 12: Material Mayhem - Assessment - Sharing knowledge. 


Bonus: This unit has recently been revised and updated to align with the Australian V9 curriculum. The old unit has also been included as a separate file via Dropbox and Google Drive. Please note that some lessons have been integrated and refreshed from other year levels, to align with curriculum updates.

As this original content differs significantly from the updated version, the lesson information is listed below. 


Chemical Science (Original Unit - Not updated). 

Chemical Science PowerPoint:

  • 80 + slides.
  • Vocabulary warm-up slides
  • Activity slides linked to each lesson plan. 

10 x Detailed Lesson Plans: 

  • Includes learning intentions.
  • Detailed steps. 
  • Resource lists.
  • Hands-on experiments: DIY Lava lamp, Making slime, Seedy Paper & 'Monster Mix Slice'.

30+ Pages of Activity sheets: 

Topics include:

  • Material World!
  • Material Mission.
  • Testing out toys.
  • Seedy Paper. [Recycling Paper]
  • Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.
  • Mixing it up.
  • Mystery Mixture.
  • Slimy Science! [Making slime]
  • The un-mixable has happened! [Lava lamps!]
  • Monster Mix! (Optional Assessment).


Year Two Chemical Science Unit | Australian Curriculum V8 & V9 |

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