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This unit includes everything you need to teach an 'Importance of the Past' unit for Year Two HASS for the entire term! Paired with my 'Technology Over Time' unit, all of your History content is covered. This particular unit explores significant people and places across Australia (see note if you're outside Aus!). Students investigate how these people and places can teach us about the past, how and why they are significant and develop research skills through a variety of activities.


Note: If you are an international purchaser, I have included templates/powerpoint slides to help you adapt the lessons to places and people relevant to your location. However, please keep in mind that this resource was designed with The Australian curriculum in mind.


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Importance of the Past

Importance of the Past PowerPoint

  • 125 + slides.

  • Vocabulary warm-up slides

  • Activity slides linked to each lesson plan.

10 x Detailed Lesson Plans:

  • Includes learning intentions.

  • Detailed steps.

  • Resource lists.

45 + Pages of Activity sheets:

Topics include:

  • Let's get significant! (Exploring significant public/historical figures).

  • Local VIP (Investigating a significant local person).

  • Places of Significance (Australia or world context).

  • Significant safari! (Significant places in your local area).

  • Spot the Difference! (Comparing photographs from the past with the same scenes today).

  • Local Landmarks (Exploring and researching a local landmark).

  • Let's explore! (Exploring significant Aboriginal places. Templates included for alternative location).

  • Significant Sites (Learning about Aboriginal Shell Middens. Alternate template included).

  • Tour investigators (students plan/research a local site as a 'tour guide').

  • Optional assessment: Kids on tour! (students complete/present their tour).



  • Suggestions for significant places/landmarks in Australia by state and territory.

  • Fact cards for 6 significant Australians (used in lesson 1).

  • Tour guide badges (if you wish students to present their tour and assess speaking and listening at the same time).

Year Two HASS 'Importance of the Past | Australian Curriculum | History

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