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This unit includes everything you need to teach a 'Technology Over Time' unit for Year Two HASS for the entire term! Paired with my upcoming 'Places of Importance' unit, all of your History content will be covered. This particular unit explores how technology has evolved over time to solve problems and make life easier. Students investigate how technology has resulted in changes to travel, communication, leisure time, school, home life and toys. They learn how to use timelines, analyse photographs and compare points of view. They identify how areas of life, such as rules of the present day, or shopping for groceries, have been impacted by technology.


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Technology Over Time

Technology Over Time PowerPoint

  • 120 + slides.

  • Vocabulary warm-up slides

  • Activity slides linked to each lesson plan.

10 x Detailed Lesson Plans:

  • Includes learning intentions.

  • Detailed steps.

  • Resource lists.

35 + Pages of Activity sheets:

Topics include:

  • Tech Times!

  • Chilling Out with Tech.

  • Travelling Technology.

  • Talking with Tech.

  • Play Back Then.

  • Muchin' on the Past.

  • Old School Rules.

  • Sounds Through Time.

  • Changes Through the Ages (Optional Assessment)

Year Two HASS 'Technology Over Time' | Australian Curriculum | History

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